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Luberon Natural Regional Park

The Park’s stated mission is to protect and manage the natural, cultural and landscape heritage within its borders.

While significant emphasis is given to flora, the park is also home to 270 animal species, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, whose welfare is also closely monitored, as many represent rare breeds and ancient species.

Located between the French Alps and the Mediterranean, the Luberon Natural Regional Park is classified as a UNESCO World Geopark and is part of UNESCO’s international network of biosphere reserves.

Here, they strive to establish and maintain a lasting relationship between man and nature, keeping a permanent inventory with an eye to mapping distribution and caring for and monitoring the rarest and most vulnerable of the more than 1500 species of flora, 30% of which are endemic to France.

Nestled within the southern borders of the park, Domaine la Ferrière benefits from this same flora and fauna, and is home most visibly to a mating pair of giant hare, foxes, red squirrel, boar, roe deer, hoopoes, various species of owl, including the extraordinarily vocal Scops owl as well as a multitude of other birds, insects, lizards and frogs.

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The Region