Single Estate

1500 – 2000 Bottles Per Harvest

We are a certified organic farm and member of the ASPAS wildlife protection conservancy.

Our olives are hand-picked and cold pressed at the very beginning of the harvest season thus ensuring the highest quality oil possible.

Cold Pressed

Highest Quality Olive Oil

We believe in fostering a harmonious relationship with nature and thus respect the land as well as the wildlife that share it by eschewing all chemicals and encouraging native grasses and trees to broaden our hedgerows and borders

Organically Grown

Hand Picked Olives

Here we believe in doing one thing well. We sell only one oil, no infusions, no varying grades. Our olives are organically grown, hand-picked in a single harvest before the first frost, immediately cold pressed and bottled in dark glass to eliminate light contamination, thus ensuring the highest possible quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our Story